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Car/Truck GPS Tracker for your Teenager or Business Vehicles

Having a teenager who is just getting ready to start driving is a nerve racking experience.  Our teen has the iPhone “Where is my phone” App installed on her phone but that does us no good if her battery runs out or she turns off the phone entirely.  Even though knowing her whereabouts is priceless, it would be nice if there was an inexpensive GPS tracker that needed no monthly service contract… and now there is.

Enter the  TECNET TTL-1000 GPS Tracker/Logger.  Connect it to a constant 12 volt source in the vehicle and you now have a no monthly fee Vehicle Theft Tracker as well.  It just doesn’t get any simpler than this.  Small business owners can also benefit from the GPS Tracker to make certain business vehicles are where they are intended to be and to help with scheduling deliveries and service calls.

Read more about the Vehicle Tracker and purchase one today.
Click Here to Read the TECNET TTL-1000 GPS Tracker/Logger Product Guide

  • GPS location tracking, logging & reporting
  • Logs location, speed & driving habits
  • Up to 3,650 hours of stored information
  • Easy installation, no tools or equipment required
  • 12V DC power plug
  • Map display works with programs such as Google Earth®
  • No monthly fee required to use all features
  • Includes 1GB SD™ Card, 12V power cord, magnetic mount & cord clips
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